Choosing a car cover might seem to be a very simple and trivial task, but there is a number of points that an average customer typically misses during shopping. Here we will clarify what is important, what you need to consider while selecting the cover for your investment, and how to end up with the most reasonable product for your particular case.

These days, the aftermarket offers a wide variety of car covers. A vehicle is one of the priciest investments one can make, and how long that investment will retain its value depends directly on the way it’s stored and maintained. A car cover is a necessary accessory for the vehicle that isn’t driven regularly. Whether your car is stored in a garage or exposed to the elements, the cover will be useful.

car cover

And here is the first point you need to consider:

Where do you keep it?

If the place you’ve prepared is protected from rain and snow, and all you want is to keep your vehicle free from dust, then you should buy a light, breathable cover. It will prevent various undesirable build-ups on the vehicle’s body while providing quality storage for a long time.

In case you don’t have a roofed place to protect your vehicle from the elements when it is not in use, you’d better choose a thicker cover providing a more substantial shelter that would keep chemically aggressive agents away from your car's body panels.

Where do you live?

Another point to consider is the region where you reside. Car cover manufacturers take that factor into account while developing their products. For example, the coastal region with salt in the air puts additional demands on the fabric of the cover as compared with the one used in dry, dusty environment.

Color and texture

As for indoor covers, the color and texture of the fabric don’t really matter. In this case, you’re free to follow your aesthetic preferences only. However, when it comes to outdoor storage, these properties of the cover are important. A dark, matte coating will absorb considerably more solar energy than a light, reflective one. And that will make a huge difference if you live in a hot, sunny area.